• Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Alberta in Edmonton
  • Over 30 years as a Registered Psychologist (CPBC #2065)
  • 15 years as a Psychologist and Team Leader for the Mental Health Centre at the University of Alberta, dealing with clients who came in with one or more issues from over 50 different problem categories
  • 7 years as a Psychologist at the WCB Rehabilitation Centre in Edmonton
  • 4 years as a School Counselor in various schools in Alberta
  • 1 year in private practice as a Psychologist in Edmonton
  • 1 year as a Psychologist in a psychiatric hospital in Edmonton
  • 1 year Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship at the Millard Rehabilitation Centre in Edmonton
  • 20 years spent supervising over 45 interns/practicum students
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